The Pinnacles Bouldering Area Pennsylvania

This area is located on top Bald Mountain just outside Scranton and overlooking Ransom, PA. From Keyser Ave , find Beacon RD near where Luzerne Street meets Keyser. Park wherever you can find a legal parking spot before the gate where the road ends. Do not park on private land! Walk the road to the top of Bald Mountain near the tower. The rock is behind the tower overlooking Ransom and Newton.

Unless you live really close to hear it is not worth visiting–unless you like long hikes to beautiful vistas. This is one of those spots you’ll curse ole Robby for telling you to check out. You can see for miles from the outcrop but there is a really limited amount of climbing here. I’ve only known of myself and a few other bored souls to have climbed in this remote area. There are some obscure boulders nestled in the nearby woods but they are less desirable than the rock at The Pinnacles.
Some Route Names: Sanatorium V1, Party Time V3, Newton’s Ransom V2. As a side note, the name Pinnacles is the true name for this outcrop. It is listed as so on PA Topo Quads.