Sex Wall Climbing Area

History: For a long time now this area has incorrectly been called Susquehanna Rock. It is important to note that this area was never named or called that. A misinformed Central PA climber listed it as that on a climbing website and the name has been filtered around incorrectly. The correct names are Psychedelic or Sex Wall. The Sex wall was once a popular climbing spot that lured climbers with its steep walls and sport climbs in the 5.13 range. In recent years the place has become very overgrown and many of the bolts are in hazardous decay. The area was originally named The Psychedelic Wall by Rich Ramano and the Herr brothers Tony, Hans , and Hugh. the first development took place on what is known as Talrice Spire or Face Rock. Due to it’s proximity to the railroad tracks the bolts were removed. The Blue Caboose was another cliff that was developed as well as climbs called The Corner, Those Cracks and The Crack. In the late ’80s the Herr’s told grant Horner about the area. He added some pitons and developed some good trad routes. The late-’80s brought climbers Bob Perna, Mike McGill, Bob D’ Antonio, and Eric Horst. The primary bolting of the section known as The Sex Wall occurred during this time. One of the classic routes established during this time was Bob D’ Antonio’s Ruby Fruit. A difficult 5.12 that travels over steep rock. Eric Horst added many classics during this time period also. Some other classics at sex Wall include Jock Options and Love Life , a fantastic 5.12b.