Breakneck Rocks Guide

Breakneck Rocks Guide



Breakneck rocks is home to some of the best sport climbing in this part of Pennsylvania. The area has become more popular in recent years. If you live in Western Pennsylvania this area is certainly worth a visit. Although the area is small, it is a good crag to keep you busy for an afternoon or weekend. Private property surrounds this area but access has been tolerated. Keep a respectful profile and take care of the land to assure climbing will be tolerated in the future. Local climber Tim Anderson has been the main developer of this crag. He has been one of the primary land stewards here. The majority of the bolted hardware here is courtesy of him and his climbing partners.

Below is a topo of the area and a listing of the more popular routes. There are several more climbs here and a good bit of bouldering that is not listed. There is also a great deal of climbing in the nearby vicinity.


1. Old School 5.9 PG
Climb the arete on the left side of the cliff

2. Mosquito 5.10a G
Climb past 5 bolts just right of the arete at he left side of the outcrop. Shuts on top.
Var. 1: 5.8 G
Climb out left to a flake and gain the shuts above.

3. New School 5.10c G
Climb the next bolted line in. Easier variations can be done if you stray from the bolt line.

4. Bowling Ball Route 5.11c G
Climb the route past 5 bolts just right of New School. Finish on slopers above.

5. Transfusion 5.11c PG/R
Climb 5 bolts past a bulge just right of the previous climb. Shuts are above. The PG/R rating comes from gaining the first bolt.

6. Burning Balls 5.12a G
Climb the bolted line right of Transfusion.

7. Eclipse 5.6 G
Climb past three bolts just after a very steep section of rock. Just right of the offwidth.

8. Grab Your Balls 5.9 G
Climb the 3 bolts right of the previous climb.

9. Nemesis 5.7 G
Climb past four bolts.

10. Bio Fear 5.7 G
Climb past 4 bolts at the right side of the outcrop.

11. Cannabis 5.5 G
Climb past bolts on the block downhill from Bio Fear.

12. Touch of Green 5.5 G
Climb past2 bolts just right of Cannabis