The Milkstones Bouldering Area

Beta: Bring a pad and water for the long hike uphill. Tape is recommended due to the uncharacteristically hard roof cracks this area has.

If you want to train for mega-hard roof cracks, this is the place to do it. There are only a handful of problems here but the spot is one giant overhang a few feet off the ground. several body-length fingertip splitter-cracks are the draw here. The hike is long but the rock is good. If you live in the Scranton Wilkes-Barre area , this area is fun to check out. Nearby Old forge is known as the Pizza Capital of the World. Find any restaurant in town and check it out.
Directions: Find the old Yachavazzi Landfill/superfund sit. just north of Keyser Ave in Old Forge. This is off a dead-end road just past Austin Heights. Find the power line and walk up it to the crest of the mountain. The rock is on the power line’s summit. If you stand in Old Forge High School parking lot you can easily see this power line in front of you. On some days the rock is barely visible.