Lake Wallenpaupack Climbing

The majority of the bouldering is behind the Ledgdale picnic/camping area. This area can be easily located just a few miles off I-84 on the southwest corner of the lake. Kuhn Hill Road has the most rock. Just above the road past Ledgedale. I recommend parking at the Ledgdale area and hiking in as it is private land if you access the rock via Kuhn Hill Road. Some boulders are also located near Route 6 heading to Hawley near Arbys restaurant.

Although there is not a lot of climbing here, the lake does offer some nice, short boulder problems. I developed a bunch of problems off Kuhn Hill Road that were pretty good also nearby in the Ledgedale picnic area/campground you can find a few good boulders. If you have a boat, some nice outcrops are located along the shore of the lake. Off Route 6 heading towards Hawley there are a few boulders on both sides of the road. In nearby Honesdale a cliff that overlooks the city has some nice sandstone routes and boulder problems. I’m only listing a few of these spots for you to explore if you live nearby or are just having a fun day at the lake. Otherwise it’s not worth more than a 30 minute drive to come here.