Poconos Bouldering Land of Overhangs

The Land of Overhangs is a bouldering area located between Wilkes Bare and White Haven. The area is in he Francis E. Walter dam recreation area slightly above the water’s north shore. From Bear Creek Village, drive on White Haven Boulevard until you see the sign 8 miles down the road for F.E. Walter Dam. Turn into the dam recreation area and park at the parking area just below the northeast tip of the dam near the concrete wall. Look across the road you came in on and you will see a yellow gate. Hike past the gate about one-fourth of a mile until you reach an overlook. Hike below the overlook and you will see the rock.

This area is featured in the Pennsylvania Climbing Guidebook

Many climbers overlook this hidden bouldering gem. Tucked away in the Pocono woodlands, this long bouldering wall has problems that range from V0- to V10. Although the rock can stay wet longer than the Atlantis boulders and cliffs below it, this climbing spot has a good variety of boulder problems and steeper lines than other nearby climbing areas. This bouldering area is also a good spot to go to if the water level in the reservoir is too high for climbing at other F.E Walter cliffs or outcrops.
One of he nice things about Land of Overhangs is that it is almost always uncrowded–actually, pretty much no one ever climbs here. This area has been a secret bouldering spot for PA climbers. I doubt, even though it is publicized here, that it well ever become a highly-tralveled rock climbing area. A crash pad is recommended here because the area has a good bit of loose rocks and small blocks below the main overhangs. The area is also a small area, so don’t drive across the state to come here, unless you plan to climb at the other areas around the dam.
I stumbled across this spot around 1991 and over the years developed problems up to V8. Randy Ross was very active here as well as Tom Kneiss and Ryan Lukas. Ryan Anglemeyer and Jeremy Bisher added some very difficult lines in the late-’90s. They developed some significant problems and cleaned a good bit of goo off the normally-wet undersides of some of the overhangs. Mike Pezzuto was also an active climber here around 2000. Climbers come and go like chalk from holds these days but I hope with more climbers finding this spot the area will become regularly traveled and cleaner so the quality of climbing here will increase.
Climbing is allowed here so please respect the land and pack out any trash. Rattlesnakes have ben seen here and around the dam so be alert and climb with a partner. I hope more climbers will visit, explore, and enjoy this quiet bouldering spot.