Bear Rocks


Bear Rocks is a small bouldering area near State College near Moshannon State Forest. The owner once allowed climbing here but now does not. Many climbers from State College regularly tresspass here but feel the need to chastize otheres for doing soo too. Be better than they are and don’t tresspass here.

A few good boulders mixed with a few mediocre boulders. Some of the rock is good quality with a few good problems. This is a pretty small spot that is on the border of a state park. You can see the rock from public land and approach it from public land. There is also another nearby area with the same rock in the park. I’m providing information for climbers to be aware of the access sensitivity of this area. It has seen a lot of activity over the years due to the proximity to PSU.
Some area problems include: Optimator Roof, Bycycling Egyptians, Red Cross (pictured above.), Exasperation, and Climbax.