Delaware Water Gap Climbing


The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation area ha climbing areas located on public lands with trad, ice, and bouldering areas. The Gap has climbing on Mount Minsi, Mount Tammany, Slateford Farms ice climbing, bouldering areas located at the Land of the Lost area near Minsi Lake. A smaller crag is also located near Minsi Lake that has several dozen shorter routes and bouldering areas. Ricks Rocks in New Jersey is also a popular crag with short approach, shorter routes and hidden bouldering areas in the vicinity of Indian Rocks and to the west and south of the main Ricks Rocks outcrop. Some remote climbing and bouldering can be found near between the main Gap areas and Ricks Rocks. The Yards Creek Reservoir also once held some excellent climbing but the area is now restricted to rock climbers.


The land is managed by the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Climbing is permitted and a long-standing relationship is existing between the land managers and climbers. It is advised to pack out trash, abide by rules and local ethics, and to respect the environment. At one point a bolting ethic and anchor replacement and anchor management policy was implemented with the Access Fund. The park at the time was cooperative in the respect to placing appropriate and safe anchors in lieu of decaying trees. At this time the policy is manageable but dialogues should still be made with local climbers and the park before implementing new anchors.


Mount Minsi offers some excellent rock climbing with over 100 trad routes and a few well bolted mixed routes. The area offers a modest approach and an even quicker new approach from the end where the cliff nearly meets highway 6/11 nearest to the town of the Delaware Water Gap. There are three approaches: the east most trail nearest to the town of Portland; the east most lot, the main lot near the Cold Air Cave, and the lot where the cliff meats the road. The Main Lot and Blue-blazed trail is the most popular and advised approach up the modest talus slope. This trail is the only marked trail and is the most easy going. The new area along the base near the road are not marked but well-beaten and sometimes used to approach.