Carbondale Pennsylvania Rock Climbing

There are a few good spots around Carbondale.
A small cliff can be seen just north of Forest City–beware, only a few problems,
but a cool indian head carving. Aelesworth city park has a small sandstone quarry
about 40′ high. The most popular spot is Francis Slocum State Park. Many boulders
can be found around all the hiking trails. Ask hikers for the best beta. There
is not a lot but if you live nearby these spots can keep you busy for a few hours.

I developed a bunch of nice
boulder problems near Carbondale. The areas mentioned above are just a small
sampling of the rock on the nearby hillsides. If you hike around enough you
can find high quality conglomerate boulders and some interesting ice climbing.
I mentioned some of the more easy-to-find rock above. I’m not giving detailed
directions like on most of the other spots on this site because you just have
to stumble around a bunch to find the rock. The above info is plenty to get
you started. Some other Carbondale highlights are: a burning coal dump, a
UFO that landed in a nearby lake in the ’80s, and a surrealistic eco wind
farm that surprisingly sells its energy to Florida. Perhaps the best attraction
is Gravity Hill, a hill that magically pulls your car up it while its in neutral.
Don’t believe me, Google it.Its also home to some of the best chicken wings.
Seriously the best wings in the world!