Susquehanna Islands Climbing

Note: Although some climbers own one of the islands with sport climbing, I am not including directions out of courteous to them. Some of the islands are public, but you need a boat to access any of these islands. Always ask permission before climbing in the river. In most cases people are pretty layed back about climbing here. Be sure to attain permission first.

Overview: Surrealistic climbing in a river setting can be found on some of the islands in the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania. Imagine belaying from a boat and climbing steep sport routes right out of the water. This is the curious aquatic panorama that surrounds some of these spectacular islands. If you decide to boulder or climb here, it is not uncommon to find ancient petroglyphs etched into the rock on many of these secluded islands. Steep aretes, overhanging shist walls, and micro-edged slabs are abundant on these tiny islands. If you are looking for some of the most interesting climbing in the Mid-Atlantic, I recommend that you get a boat and explore the Susquehanna in Central PA. I only include this area on this page because the rock is blatantly obvious to anyone with a boat in the Susquehanna River. I include information about the climbing here because some people don’t realize that some of these islands are private and permission must be attained to climb on the cliffs you may see when boating by. When in doubt, consult a PA map and determine what is state owned and what is private. Be responsible and do your homework first.