Welcome to paclimbing.com. Our goal is to provide climbers with a place to attain much-sought-after beta for the Keystone State. We look foreward to providing rescources like: online guides, articles about the fantastic climbing and bouldering throughout the state, access information, updates on closures and restrictions, photos, topos, and many other rescources and tools for the great climbing community in Pennsylvania.

We hope to provide a great deal of information about PA's amazing crags and bouldering areas. The focus of this site is to respect access issues for these statewide areas. Although you will find directions and beta for many of PA's finer areas, directions will not be posted to certain areas with outstanding access problems.

We gladly welcome any input, comments, complaints, or additions. If you would like to see something specific on this site or wish to submit info, photos, or articles, we would be happy to see them.

Contact us at: info@paclimbing.com
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