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The Francis E.Walter Dam areas are located between Wilkes Bare and White Haven. The area is a recreation area that has several good boulderig and roped climbing areas that surround the pristine waters of a quaint reservoir. From Bear Creek Village, drive on White Haven Boulevard until you see the sign 8 miles down the road for F.E. Walter Dam. Turn into the dam recreation area and park at the parking area just below the northeast tip of the dam near the concrete wall or park near any of the areas located on the map above to access the climbing. 


This area is featured in the Pennsylvania Climbing Guidebook

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F. E. Walter Overview



Wooded boulders in the shade, shoreline boulders that bask in the sun, and steep cliff faces are what you should expect when climbing at the F.E. Walter Dam in the Poconos. This area has some of the best bouldering in Pennsylvania and some fun roped climbing as well.  I include about ten of the areas around and near the dam (there are more than what is list here). There is also a topo of the Brown Sugar Wall and some routes and problems listed. A complete source for the main dam areas can be found in Rock Climbing and Boudlering Pennsylvania. This area is close to Wilkes Barre and Scranton but also worth the 40-minute drive from Allentown and the Lehigh Valley.The best boudlering here is located at the Atlantis Boulders. These boulders remind most climbers of the boulders at the Gunks, but tinted with an orangish hue. Problems here range from V0- to V10 and, although all the areas have been heavily developed, potential for new lines still exists.
The water level in the dam rises and falls.  If the water level is too high, climbing is impossible on the Atlantis Boulders and some of the cliffs.  If this is the case, you can only climb in the Land of Overhangs, Woodside Boudlers, the Cube.  Also, at high water times City of Boulders is accessible only by boat.
Climbers have visited this area since the 1970s but significant development started in the early-'90s by Randy Ross, Rob Holzman, Nick Morell, Obe Carrion, Tom Kneiss, and Ryan Lukas. Later Jeremy Bisher and Ryan Anglemeyer added a few challenging lines.  






I list 10 areas near the dam on this page. At least double that exist in the nearby area but what I have listed is the better-quality spots. Click on the green links below for more details about some of the areas.


Atlantis Bouldering Area


City of Boulders


Brown Sugar wall


Woods Area


Land of Overhangs


The Cube


Atlantis Cliff


Ancient Crag


The Devils Elbow


Outback Wall



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